2TTO – Twelfth Night

On Friday 8 September there was an outdoor performance of ‘Twelfth Night’ at Kasteel Huis Doorn. This is a play written by William Shakespeare. Unfortunately, it started raining heavily. Therefore Ms. de Gier and Mr. Pegg made an announcement to CLZ students that if they wished they could leave, due the unforeseen weather conditions.

Despite the rain the performance started.The chairs were put closer together so the people who had no umbrella could shelter. Luckily it only rained badly for the first 15 minutes of the play. But it did not distract the actors, who acted amazingly well.

After the performance I asked some people what they thought of the performance. They all said they enjoyed it and were happy they had stayed, despite the rain. Even though the language was from Shakespeare’s time, a kind of  what I would call ‘old English’, it was no problem to understand the lines.

The play was full of jokes – something I didn’t expect.

Of course it is understandable that some people went back home, but I think they really missed something. I really enjoyed the play and I think everyone who stayed did so too.

Charlotte Zonnevylle, student 2GT