3TTO: England here we come

3TTO: England here we come

Counting steps and miles was one of the leading activities during 3TTO’s five-day trip to Canterbury, the seaside towns of Eastbourne and Brighton, London of course, and on the way back a short visit to the typical English lovely old town of Rye.  Seriously now, of course counting steps was not the main activity, but … Lees verder ….

In het derde leerjaar gaan de TTO leerlingen op excursie naar Engeland. Ze verblijven dan in gastgezinnen.
Het programma is ieder jaar weer anders en zeer afwisselend. Zo zijn er excursies geweest naar Oxford en Cambridge, Canterbury en Southampton, maar ook London wordt niet overgeslagen. 

Sidney van Zandwijk (4TTO) & Milo Storm (4TTO) over hun excursie naar Engeland het afgelopen schooljaar:
On the 18th of April 2016, at six o’clock, we gathered together to go to England by bus. We travelled to Dunkerque and took the ferry to Dover. There, we got back on the bus and travelled to Canterbury. In Canterbury we had some time for ourselves and to walk around the city. After an hour or two, we went to a little school where our host families would pick us up. When we arrived at their house, we met our host family and had dinner.
The next day, we went to the ‘PGL windmill’ where a we got beforehand-information about Brighton and we did some nice outdoor activities. We got a huge lunch bag with crisps, sandwiches, drinks and candy. It sure was a really long but fun day out!

Wednesday was our favorite day for sure! We went to the ‘Sir Woodart Academy’ in Lancing, West Sussex. Our class was divided into groups of three people and were guests in three lessons of that day. We first had Physics. The students in class had to work on their own. The idea was to get us a laptop to look at the online book but they did not have a spare laptop. We had to do something for ourselves the whole two hours. Then we had English where we watched a movie and analysed it.

The last lesson, Spanish, was our personal favorite one! As soon as we walked in, he talked to us in Dutch/German. He said to us: “Hey, you are the Dutch guys right?” We replied with: “Yes sir”. Then he said: “Goetenmiddag, was machen Sie van das Wetter?” We laughed our socks off and he was 100% sure he was speaking Dutch even though he was not. We had ten minutes to learn ten Spanish words and after that we would have a test. All three of us had an A and he sure was very proud!

After we came home where our guest family was, we had dinner and relaxed for a bit. After dinner, we went to the eastbourne pier, where we would gather with our class to walk towards the Royal Hippodrome. The Royal Hippodrome is an old theatre that is still used for plays, but they also give tours through the whole building. Already when you came in you could smell the stench of old carpets, a really stuffy and dusty smell. This is because it is a very old theatre. The world famous Houdini had given magic shows in this theatre.

We really liked the museum, for it was a bit spooky and mysterious sometimes. The man who gave us the tour was an old but really funny and enthusiastic man. At one point he even pointed at two seats that would move and make noises at night, because they were possessed. We sat right next to one.

On Thursday, we went to Brighton. When we got there, we went to the ‘Brighton Museum And Art Gallery’. We were not in the mood for this so we waited somewhere. Next, we went to the ‘Royal Pavilion’. We were not allowed to make any pictures because of the flash that could damage the valuable items. It was amazing and stunning to see such a big building. It was built as a seaside pleasure palace for King George IV.

After that we had some free time. We all went to a nearby beach. It was not a sandy beach though, it was a beach full of smooth rocks. We had a lot of fun there and we even threw some stones in the sea (and some at seagulls and our friends). In the evening we ate fish & chips at ‘The Regency’. It was delicious!

When that was all finished, we went to ‘The Brighton Theatre’ just 5 minutes walking from the restaurant. We watched a play called ‘Of Mice and Men’. It was very hot and we almost had no space but it was a good play. The play finished at 11.00 P.M. and we went home. When it was midnight, we finally got home and wanted to sleep but the bad news was that we could not because we had to pack our backs. We had to leave the next day but we finally got to bed at 1.00 P.M. and had to wake up at 6.00 A.M.

The next day and last day in England, we had breakfast, said goodbye to our host family and walked to the little school where the meeting point was. We departed at 9.30 A.M. and took the ferry in Dover to Dunkerque. In Dunkerque, we took the final bus to Zeist where we met our family again.

It was such a pity to leave England, for we have had a great time there. We think this was our best excursion we have ever had with our years of following the TTO course. We thought that all the activities that were organised for us were great and a lot of fun to do. It was not the shortest trip to get there, but it was definitely worth it.