Junior Speaking Contest 2017/2018

Living your fantasy
Each year 2nd and 3rd year students compete in what is called the Junior Speaking Contest. This begins in class during the English lessons, where the best speeches are selected to be presented in the aula. The winners, chosen by three jurors, will then participate in the regional Speaking Contest, with the ultimate goal: the national contest, the finals.

The themes are always very broad, so there is scope for students to choose a great variety of topics. Examples of topics in previous years are ’Broaden Your Horizon’ and ’Simply Speechless’. This year’s theme: ’Living my fantasy’.

This resulted in a lot of wishful thinking, ranging from ’A cancer free world’ to the dream to become a well known singer. ’Taking care of children in orphanages’ was another wish, as well as ’a world without palm oil’ and ’positive energy’, all chosen by our students as interesting subjects, all spoken from the heart and with lots of positive energy!

But apart from the challenge of standing in front of a full aula and the wish to win, the whole process of preparation and exercising is a useful – sometimes scary, sometimes enjoyable – experience as well. In the words of one of our third year students Arwen van ’t Riet: ”We always take quite some time to prepare and the results are almost always great. I always enjoy these speeches, because they reflect so well people’s different points of view. But most of all, we all just have a great time preparing and presenting our speeches. They certainly make us ’broaden our horizon’.”

This year’s school contest was won in the second year by Jasmijn Welsing with her speech ’No More Palm Oil!’. The third year winner is Floor Seligmann with ’Dream Your Own Dream’.

Both candidates will represent our school in the regional contest at O.R.S. Lek en Linge in Culemborg on Monday 5 February, supported by their friends, family and teachers.