Team Math Challenge 2017

On Friday 10 March students from all over the country gathered at the Broklede school in Breukelen, to compete in the yearly national math contest. During four hours two students from 1TTO and two from 2TTO had to work together, in pairs, solving a variety of mathematical assignments within a certain timeframe. The assignments were presented in the form of games, from Crosswords, to the Shuttle to finally, the Relay, which is basically running a lot, as fast as you can, to show the outcome of your calculations to a teacher.

Our students were Alexander van Oeffel an Emma Wapenaar from the first year and Marit van Wolffelaar en Robin Schooten from year two. The group decided that the girls would form one group and the boys the other. Emma showed the right spirit by saying at the start that she did not want to be second, ‘only first place would do’.

It soon became clear, by having a peek at the results of other groups, that our CLZ ‘nerdies’ were doing really well. At the Relay Alexander was the very first to bring his correct answer to the teacher, all in all the scores looked promising.

The final result turned out to be no less than sixth place from 38 participating TTO schools! Enough, even for Emma, to be satisfied and pleased. For our school definitely enough to be very proud of its math talents.