TTO Bovenbouw


Work Experience
As part of our Senior School bilingual programme we ask our pupils to complete a Work Experience week during Year 5. This should take place preferably in an English speaking country, but may also take place in a non-English speaking country if English is the principal language spoken in the place of work.

The aims of the programme are that pupils:

  1. use and improve their English by conversing and working in an English speaking environment;
  2. use their initiative and their social skills to communicate and complete the tasks assigned to them;
  3. enhance their self-confidence.

We expect the pupils to complete a Work Experience of 5 working days and they are required to give a ten-minute presentation to their class on their return. We may also ask a person from the place of work who has been involved with the pupil to answer some questions about the pupil to show proof of attendance.

Work experience may be carried out during school time (although not during the test weeks) and must be approved by the pupil’s IB teacher. The school will contribute €200 for Work Experience which takes place outside the Netherlands and will pay travel expenses (receipt necessary) if it takes place in the Netherlands. As the Work Experience is a Year 5 activity, the above amounts will be subtracted from the pupil’s year 6 tto contribution.

Furthermore, we encourage our pupils to be as independent as possible. The whole experience will be so much more valuable if they organise it themselves and go on their own. Work Experience may not be done together with another pupil.

Once again, and to avoid disappointment, before planning the Work Experience the pupil must first seek approval for their plan.

We look forward to hearing about each pupil’s experience afterwards!

For more information please contact Mrs K. Kirwin ( or Mrs T. Worron ( ).