TTO Bovenbouw

Work Experience
As part of our senior school bilingual programme we ask our pupils to complete a work experience week during Year 5. Preferably this will take place in an English speaking country, but may also take place in a non-English speaking country if English is the principal language spoken in the place of work.

The aims of the programme are that pupils:

1. use and improve their English by conversing and working in an English speaking environment;
2. use their initiative and social skills to communicate and complete the tasks assigned to them;
3. enhance their self-confidence.

We expect the pupils to complete a work experience of 5 working days and they are required to give a ten-minute presentation to their class on their return. We also ask a person from the place of work who has been involved with the pupil to answer some questions about the pupil to show proof of attendance.

For more information please contact Mrs K. Kirwin ( or Mrs T. Worron ( ).

Senior Years
In the Senior School the programme has a similar focus to the Junior School in that language proficiency, self-confidence and independence are the most important themes. Pupils take part in cultural excursions with a European or International flavour with the high point being a week’s work experience in an English speaking environment. The programme is not necessarily a fixed one, but there are a few recurring elements. The following items do not occur every year but a suitable selection is made depending on availability.

Year 4
Cultural visit art exhibition
Peace Palace tour
Visit to or by the American Embassy
Science excursion

Year 5
Shakespearean performance/workshop
Visit European Parliament Brussels
Museum excursion Brussels
Architectural walking tour Brussels
Work Experience one week

Year 6
Film or theatre excursion
IB English A1 exam at higher or standard level